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Learn crochet, anywhere

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Step into the Yarn Hive, a cozy members-only space where crafting kindles community. With Toni of TL Yarn Crafts as your guide, you'll discover a world brimming with detailed tutorials and vibrant patterns, all in an environment that's buzzing with friendly support. No matter if you're picking up a crochet hook for the first time or have been weaving magic with yarn for years, our community is here to support your growth and foster connections. Ready to join the Hive?

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Honeybee Accolades!

Honeybee Nichola

This is one of the most inclusive, understanding and non-judgemental crochet groups I have ever been in. The people in here truly want to lift others up, no matter what stage they are in with their crafting journey and that is a very rare thing in my experience. This is why I love being a Honeybee and long may this positive experience continue.

Honeybee Julie

I work a fulltime stressful job and for me crochet is my outlet. I don’t have anyone in my life who shares my love for crochet or anything yarn related. This community makes me feel at home with people who share a common interest with me. The content shared by Toni and by the Honeybees keeps me motivated and gives me inspiration. On top of it all, this community has been nothing but friendly, helpful and supportive and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Honeybee Sheila

I've learned so much since I buzzed into the Hive!! Like some others have said I don't have any crochet friends. Not a one!! That's why being a part of the Hive is so important to me. Its wonderful having friends who love the craft the way I do. Everyone is always so helpful & supportive, the Mods are the best and don't get me started on our "QUEEN BEE" TONI LIPSEY! You inspire & encourage us all! You make me feel like "I can" when I always thought "I couldn't". I love being a part of something so positive & supporting! Long Live the Hive!!! #honeybeeforever 🐝

Beekeeper Donna

The Yarn Hive Community has been an exceptional experience! I really like the different channels where we can post and comment about specific subjects. If you want to share a finished project or chat about a yarn, post progress on a CAL or ask a moderator a question, there’s a channel for that. Lots of options and lots of opportunities to give and receive feedback….plus get to know your fellow members!

Honeybee Carl

The Yarn Hive Community has quickly become my new crochet home! There's tons of TLYC patterns, tutorials, and videos, but the best part is interacting with Toni and the other Honey Bees in the discussion channels. I love knowing whenever my "crojo" starts to fade, the Hive app is an instant inspiration boost!

Beekeeper Katrina

I love being apart of the Yarn Hive community! Not only is it full of inspiration and encouragement, but it’s broken down into channels. Like little tabs for the heart. Need inspiration? There’s a channel for that. Encouragement, or a look what I did moment? Need some help from moderators? There are channels for that. And then there’s all the lives and pattern support videos from Toni!! My crafty little heart is always full.

Honeybee Lisa

Unlike many other yarn chats, I do not feel the pressure of expectations here. This community meets everyone where they are in their journey and have been nothing but positive about it. There is the opportunity to learn but not the expectation, which, for some neurodiverse folks can be a real blessing because expectations can be smothering, however well meant.

Honeybee Dana

I find our Hive to be a wonderful fun, supportive, inspirational space - I enjoy interacting with all the members and have found everyone to be positive and supportive.  I think it's great that Toni and the mods accept ideas/feedback from users and continue to expand channels and content. As someone who doesn't have a huge presence on social media, and who doesn't spend a huge amount of time on Insta, FB etc. I enjoy not feeling "pressured" to have to constantly  post or interact with the platform.  It's here for me to flow in and out when it works for me.


I’m truly happy to be a part of this Yarnhive Community. It’s so positive and informative. If you don’t know something Toni L. will help you and so will the other Honeybees. I love that there is no judgement or negativity AT ALL, Period 🙅🏽‍♀️(in my Madea voice). I love being a Honeybee and will always represent wherever I go.


I can't say enough good things about being a Honeybee. The camaraderie, the open sharing of ideas, and just the fellowship in such a nonjudgemental "come one, come all" environment of like minded people make the Hive a truly special place to be! The icing on the cake? Why the Queenbee herself Ms Toni!



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